Star Wars: Glimmer

Galactic Date 09082109

Aduba III, in Hutt Space, has been suspected of major “terrorist” activity. The planet is known for its technology trading center, a large Hutt prison, and serves as a neutral ground for underworld denizens. The Sith Empire imposed martial law and have given citizens 24 standard hours to leave the planet. The Lady Grace (corvette) was the last transport leaving the planet. Many sentients were forced into different holds on the ship due to the number of “evacuees” trying to make the last flight. The ship took off without incident after a Sith identity check before leaving. In hyperspace, it was ripped out into subspace for an unknown reason and came under fire from a group of pirates (2 frigates and a squadron of fighters). The Lady Grace could not hold up to the relentless attack and it was destroyed. Though all the support ships and escape pods left the ship, it is suspected that none survived.

This attack occurred close to a backwater trading planet called Kalxus II. The jungle planet has a small Sith-controlled spaceport and a small trading settlement surrounding the spaceport. Mining operations, farming, logging, and other operations pulling natural resources have a home on this planet.


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