Ursa Thule

Black and red skinned Dashade






Ursa was the only child of her mother Volga Thule, a bounty hunter for the Sith Empire.

Nar Shadaa

Early Childhood:
Ursa encountered Baka-Goi Hutt at a marketplace with their beginning criminal crew when she was 10. Baka-Goi was the offspring of a criminal Hutt Cartel boss and is loyal to their Kajidics. Baka-Goi was 62 at the time and wanted to start running heists. At the market, they tried one but failed to count on such relentless pursuit. Ursa stepped in and helped Baka, Choi, Nad and Selene escape. From then on, Ursa ran with a gang of young criminals. Slowly increasing the scope of their crimes.

Traumatic Event 1:
-Imprisonment/Enslavement: One of the crimes they committed when Ursa was 13 went horribly awry. The goal was to steal a rich shipment of crystals from an Imperial Sith shipping front. Baka-Goi had been given the details of the crime by another Hutt. But another Cartel implicated Baka-Goi in the robbery. They had made sure to get surveillance to the Sith family who was running that operation. It turns out it was the same family her mother worked for. Anyway, the Sith demanded restitution and it looked like Baka-Goi was going to face the penalty, being a loyal friend, Ursa offered herself as the scapegoat. She took the credit for the robbery and dragging Baka-Goi and Selene along.

Baka-Goi’s parent ameliorated the crime from death to enslavement. And thus, Ursa was enslaved to the family her mother worked for. She spent a year as a slave to the Sith before Baka-Goi and Selene managed to get her freed. At first, illegally but then Baka-Goi’s parent stepped in and settled accounts (having a year to gain sufficient leverage.)

Once freed, she learned that Choi, Nad and almost the rest of the crew had been killed by Sith interests. Nothing concrete but it was the word on the street. Ursa then learned her mother had been killed by the Sith she worked for.

Traumatic Event 2:
Darth Jaundice (working name) had employed Volga as a bounty hunter. Helping track criminals. Volga did her job well and frequently went on business trips for a month or more. Her mother had left on a hunt only a week before the botched crime and a week after Ursa was enslaved, she was killed by Darth J offworld. The rumors is she took a hand and an eye from Darth J and another was that she was struck from behind Darth J.

Legacy: Shadow Killer (a reskin of the Tarpals Legacy)
Ursa now wishes to pursue the honorary title of Shadow Killer. She believes she can accomplish this by killing and eating three Sith. To do this, she needs to become a better soldier. She wants the title from some vague childhood story that her mother told her. That Shadow Killers have a separate paradise. With her mom a Shadow Killer, Ursa needs to be a shadow killer to be with her Mother.

Heirloom Item: This is going to be slightly odd. I kinda want two things represented by two forearm brands. The first one is Vengeance and the other is Love (the Dashai symbol for each). I want a Sith Maurader Nemesis and I want Selene, a cathar accomplished thief foil. The Maurader is first Darth Jaundice (working name) and then there has to be an apprentice, a sith family member and so on as Ursa should have a never ending supplies of hateful Sith and bad guys. For Selene, this is the person that sweeps in, causes trouble or brings trouble, romantic and then flits off.

Dramatis Personae:
Volga→ mother, died at the hands of a sith Maurader

Selene→ childhood friend, bad influence, romantic interest, thief

Baka-Goi- the Hutt→ childhood friend, friend, employer, and is now 69 and about to become an adult Hutt.

Darth Jaundice (working name) and their family → The ones Ursa wants to eat. They also want her dead.

Ursa Thule

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